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We have finally launched our exciting 100 CLUB. We are looking to work with 100 local and national businesses who can help support us in growing our movement!


We promise to motivate young people and adults through empowerment and

increased self-worth, raising their vibration and helping them to recognize

they can make a difference for themselves and others around them by

using their creative voices.

As leaders in Dance and Music in Blackpool, we encourage individual growth, by supporting people in expressing their authentic selves and in turn, realising their potential in the Arts and creative industries.

We advocate a FUBU mentality (For Us by Us) and make space for young

people to learn to value their contributions and to feel proud of the part they

play in society.

We hope This realisation will lead to further endeavour and will fulfil our

overarching aim of shaping a more compelling cultural scene in Blackpool,

by ensuring a steady trajectory that results in employment, opportunity and

legacy for aspiring creatives from Blackpool.

We actively promote acceptance, inclusivity and respect, and aim to break

down all barriers that stand in the way of access to Arts and cultural


We have many benefits on offer for those who choose to invest in our charity. Skool of Street team are flexible and creative thinkers, and we are excited to hear from you about how you would like to work together. For more information, please follow this link...

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