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'Popnocchio' is a Funky twist on the classic tale of 'Pinocchio.' The show was produced by Skool of Street in 2016 and toured Three local Theatre's.

'Popnocchio' has a cast of 30 performers with an age range of 7-30 years. It is a collaboration of enthusiastic youngsters who are at the start of their Dance & performance careers, and adult artists who are passionate not only to perform, but also to share their knowledge with youngsters.

'Popnocchio' was created to inspire others to realize their own empowerment. Both through Hip Hop culture and the voice it gives individuals, and through expression in the forms of Dance and Theatre.

The cast of 'Popnocchio' were joined on stage by a cast of 50 youngsters from Blackpool school's, who were selected to take part in a curtain raiser production. 'Ninja Invasion' was the first opportunity to perform on a stage like the Grand Theatre in Blackpool, for most who took part.

'Popnocchio' highlights the importance of being honest and good and knowing right, from wrong. The show is an explosion of Hip Hop with music, set and dance styles inspired by and true to the culture. The narrative is told through MC and spoken word, to keep the story at the forefront of the explosive dancing. 


Follow 'Popnocchio' and 'Jimminy Tricket' into a magical land of funk + fantasy!

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