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Our name abbreviated to HOW, is influenced by the countercultural phenomenon of Ballroom, rooted in the necessity of community and safety, and in the defiance of oppression. ‘Houses’ are chosen families of artists and performers who ‘walk’ at balls as a form of self-expression and escapism. Walking enables people to be whoever they want to be, to create an alternative reality where they can share the version of themselves that they love, without fear of judgement.  A celebration of personal identity, acceptance, expression, struggle, community, and love.


Our company emblem is ‘Wingz’ which represents the elevation in spirit you can discover by engaging in arts and street culture. Any individual can find their ‘Wingz’ and can use them to rise above personal difficulties.


HOW is a Blackpool based ‘Art House’, specialising in Street culture. Our work is principally Dance and music lead, but we offer many other creative projects to young people and adults. Our brand ethos ‘Our House is your House’ is at the core of the work we do. We welcome anyone to come in, make themselves at home and delve into our uplifting and exciting movement. 



House of Wingz is a collective of talented and creative people who all bring something different.

Dancers, musicians, artists, lyricists....


Feedback is always great and we love to hear about individual experiences of our projects and events.


House of Wingz is about more than just having fun.

We aim to provide opportunities and inspiration to young people.



Our achievements have been made possible by the support of a variety of businesses and organisations.


We celebrate individuality and expression and encourage members to be themselves, whilst maintaining a supportive environment for this process to happen, and striving for individual artistic development.


We collaborate with other dance companies and arts organisations to create theatrical productions that tell exciting stories through Dance.


We strive to deliver high quality performances that change perceptions of Hip Hop.

We teach Hip-Hop culture including:


  • Hip-Hop and Street Dance

  • Break dance

  • Beatboxin'

  • Graffiti

  • Physical Theatre

  • Spoken word

  • Music Production

  • Emcee

  • DJ-ing

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